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Center for Economics and Neuroscience at the University of Bonn

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On behalf of the board of directors, I welcome you to the website of the Center for Economics and Neuroscience at the University of Bonn. Our aim is to study economic and social behavior in an interdisciplinary approach.

CENs was founded as a central scientific institution of the University of Bonn in 2009 to host faculty and students from Economics, Neuroscience and Psychology. The applied methods cover the range from human single unit recordings to functional and structural MR imaging and genetics to classical experimental economics and analyses of panel data.

The Center is closely intertwined with the Institute for Applied Microeconomics, the BonnEconLab, the Department of differential and biological Psychology, the Department of Epileptology and the Life & Brain Center, which hosts two MRI scanners.



Wir bedanken uns herzlich bei allen Teilnehmern, die bei unserer Umfrage "Kaufverhalten und Persönlichkeit in Zeiten der COVID-19-Pandemie" mitgemacht haben. Wir analysieren gegenwärtig die Daten und werden auch auf dieser Webseite sobald wie möglich über Ergebnisse berichten.

We thank all who participated in our survey "Buying behavior and personality in times of the COVID-19 pandemic"/"Kaufverhalten und Persönlichkeit in Zeiten der COVID-19-Pandemie". We are currently analyzing the data and will report on the results, also on this website, as soon as we can.


Bernd Weber


Bernd Weber

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